Clinical path

Clinical path - The Hernia Institute

First step: out of France

The patient fills out a medical questionnaire.

The questionnaire is checked by the surgeon and the anesthetist, to assess the diagnosis and the patient medical condition.

Appointment for surgery is made.



Second step: in Paris

On the day of arrival, the patient meets the surgeon and anesthetist to confirm diagnosis.

When required, complementary exams can be performed at the clinic.

The first night is spent at hotel.



Third step:

Surgery is carried out the next day morning.

The patient can be discharged two to four hours after operation, and in this case he/she can spend a new night at hotel.

According to the patient request, or on the surgeon recommendation, the patient can stay overnight in-hospital.



Forth step:

On the day after surgery, the patient meets again the surgeon, to check that everything is right.

Then the patient may, either go back home or spend a few days in Paris for fun.

No nurse care is required. No dressing, no stitches to remove (we close the small scars with glue). Shower is allowed immediately.