• The best solution in the treatment of diseases of the abdominal wall

  • 'I know more than a hundred surgeons to whom I would willingly confide my gall bladder, but only one to whom I would agree to expose my inguinal canal' Sir Heneage Ogilvie, English surgeon

  • Innovative and validated surgical & anesthetic techniques.

About us

Our commitments


About us

The Hernia InstituteParis is the first specialized hernia center in France.

The surgeons of the Hernia InstituteParis are specialized in surgery of the abdominal wall, including groin hernias, as well as ventral and incisional hernias.

The methods used at the Hernia InstituteParis are modern, minimally invasive techniques, essentially based on laparoscopic surgery and day-case setting. Our procedures provide an effective and comfortable repair, which allows early recovery of professional and leisure activities.


Each surgeon of the Hernia InstituteParis has been selected on the basis of his/her competence and experience in abdominal wall surgery. The Hernia InstituteParis provides a personalized premium-quality service, with the guaranty that the same surgeon who has established the diagnosis, will operate the patient and manage the postoperative course.

At the Hernia InstituteParis we have committed in a permanent evaluation process, to continuously improve our results.

Our commitments

Less than 1% recurrences.

Less than 2% persistent postoperative (chronic) pain.



The Hernia Institute Paris

15, rue du Cirque

75008 Paris
Tél. +33 (0)1 47 87 11 1



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